Засади формування екологічної політики у мінерально-сировинному комплексі України

Type of periodical: Monographies

Publication types: Printed edition

Publication date: 2022

Authors: С.О. Довгий, М.М. Коржнев, О.М. Трофимчук та ін.

Summary: The monograph considers the planning of the development of the mineral complex of Ukraine in modern conditions, the formation of environmental policy and identifies steps to develop a concept and strategy for environmental safety in the environmental sphere. The principles, goals and components of environmental policy are defined, namely: resource, greening of mining production, organization of environmental monitoring, planning of post-mining areas, innovative approaches and technical solutions to achieve a satisfactory state of the environment in old mining areas and environmental information MSC.

ISBN 978-966-7067-47-2

Available at: https://itgip.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/Моногр_Макетl.pdf

Responsible institutions: Institute of Telecommunications and Global Information Space of NAS of Ukraine

Published: Kyiv

Other institutions: Національний центр «Мала академія наук України».

Size in pages: 200

Print run: 300