Відмінки іменників української мови: cтудії Євгена Тимченка 1913—1928 років

Type of periodical: Other

Publication types: Printed edition

Section: Linguistics

Publication date: 2022

Editors: Editorial board : M.H. Zhelezniak (Editor-in-Chief), O.S. Ishchenko, S.Yu. Bortnyk et al.

Summary: The book contains the first prints by Yevhen Tymchenko on grammatical cases in Ukrainian have been published during 1913—1928, as well as gives the opportunity to take a look at one of the important stages of the language science upgrowth of the 20th century beginning. Yevhen Tymchen­ko’s studies are an important page of Ukrainian linguistics.

Reading audience: For scholars and anyone interested in the history of Ukrainian.

ISBN 978-966-02-9961-0

Responsible institutions: Institute of Encyclopaedic Research of NAS of Ukraine

Published: Kyiv

Size in pages: 472