Технологія обробки сталі у предкристалізаційний період при безперервному розливанні

Type of periodical: Monographies

Publication types: Printed edition

Publication date: 2021

Authors: Synehin Ye.V., Niziaiev K.H., Stoianov O.M. et al.

Summary: The monograph is devoted to the study of the peculiarities of crystallization of a continuously cast workpiece when performing external influences on it (electromagnetic stirring, ultrasonic influence, mechanical, electro-hydropulse, etc.). Peculiarities of formation of macro- and microstructure of ingots under the influence of external influence on metal melt in the pre-crystallization period are presented. A special place in the monograph is given to the study of the processes of bulk crystallization, which is achieved by injection into the melt in a stream of argon inoculators.

ISBN 978-617-8010-11-9

Responsible institutions: Iron and Steel Institute of Z.I.Nekrasov of NAS of Ukraine

Published: Dnipro

Other institutions: National metallurgical academy of Ukraine

Size in pages: 99

Print run: 300