Розробка сталей для металопродукції залізничного призначення

Type of periodical: Monographies

Publication types: Printed edition

Publication date: 2021

Authors: Babachenko O.I., Kononenko H.A., Roslyk O.V., Maistrenko K.M., Podolskyi R.V.

Summary: The monograph develops scientific provisions on the laws of influence of chemical composition and structural state of ferritic-pearlitic steels used for the production of railway metal products (wheels and rails), their service and operational mechanical properties (wear resistance, sensitivity to thermal effects during braking). The regularity of chemical influence is established composition of steels and parameters of their heat treatment for wear resistance, resistance to the formation of «white layers», hardness, strength and ductility characteristics at different climatic temperatures.

Reading audience: Intended for scientific and engineering workers of research institutes, metallurgical and machine-building plants; can be useful for teachers and students of relevant universities.

ISBN 978-617-7371-71-6

Responsible institutions: Iron and Steel Institute of Z.I.Nekrasov of NAS of Ukraine

Published: Dnipro

Other institutions: PJSC INTERPIPE NTRP

Size in pages: 298

Print run: 300