Порошкові титанові сплави для адитивних технологій: структура, властивості, моделювання

Type of periodical: Monographies

Publication types: Printed edition

Publication date: 2021

Authors: Ovchynnykov O.V., Duriahina Z.A., Romanova T.Ye. et al.

Summary: The monograph presents the results of comparative analysis of powders of titanium alloys of grades BT6 and VT20 with particles of spherical and nonspherical shapes. The relationship between their structure, phase composition, particle size distribution and packing density of scalable layers based on them has been established. A software product based on a probabilistic neural network has been developed and its «training» has been carried out. A new method of classification based on the combined use of the Random Forest algorithm and the Kolmogorov — Gabor polynomial is proposed, which can significantly increase the accuracy of the simulation results. A new algorithm combining active level strategy and nonlinear optimization has been developed. A new technique is used to model the process of filling a given volume with mixtures of spherical particles of powders that have a given law of particle size distribution by fractions. The physical-mathematical model was adapted to solve the problem of optimal packing of powder with non-spherical particles. The obtained results will allow to optimize the structure and improve the performance properties of aerospace parts made by additive technologies from titanium powder alloys.

ISBN 978-966-00-1815-0

Responsible institutions: Anatolii Pidhornyi Institute of Mechanical Engineering Problems of NAS of Ukraine

Published: Kyiv

Other institutions: Lviv Polytechnic National University ; "Zaporizhzhia Polytechnic" National university ; Motor Sich JSC

Size in pages: 196

Print run: 50