Полігранна філологія без кордонів (до 65-літнього ювілею професора Тетяни Анатоліївни Космеди)

Type of periodical: Monographies

Publication types: Printed edition

Section: Linguistics

Publication date: 2022

Authors: Zahnitko A., Osypova T., Khaliman O. et al.

Editors: Editors-in-Chief : T.F. Osipova, N.V. Piddubna, O.V. Khaliman

Summary: The collective monograph is devoted to the versatile scientific figure of Professor T. Kosmeda on the occasion of her 65th anniversary. The paper contains scientific developments of like-minded people, colleagues, students and followers, that cover a wide range of scientific interests of T.Kosmeda and are devoted to current areas of modern linguistics.

Reading audience: The monograph is for scientists, teachers and applicants for higher education.

ISBN 978-617-8059-53-8

Responsible institutions: Ukrainian Lingua-Information Foundation of NAS of Ukraine

Published: Kharkiv

Other institutions: H.S. Skovoroda Kharkiv National Pedagogical University

Size in pages: 630

Print run: 300