Мовний портрет села Тюдів. Словник. У 2 т. Том II. Н—Я

Type of periodical: Reference literature

Publication types: Printed edition

Section: Linguistics

Publication date: 2022

Authors: Holianych M.I.

Editors: Scient. Editor P.Yu. Hrytsenko

Summary: The dictionary presents the results of the dialectological research, reveals the features of the Tudiv village dialect of Kosiv region of Ivano-Frankivsk district. The second volume (Н — Я), and the first volume (А — М) of the dictionary contain words and stable expressions that represent the dialect of the village inhabitants.

Reading audience: The dictionary is intended primarily for dialectologists, as well as aimed at a wide range of linguists, writers, folklorists, students of philological specialties, teachers, for everybody who is interested in dialects, living folk speech, material and spiritual culture of Hutsuls.

ISBN 978-966-668-567-7

Multivolume edition: Мовний портрет села Тюдів. Словник, Том ІІ

Responsible institutions: Institute of the Ukrainian Language of NAS of Ukraine

Published: Ivano-Frankivsk

Size in pages: 1262