Математичне та програмне забезпечення вирішення задач попередження надзвичайних ситуацій при розливах радіоактивних рідин з використанням принципу ALARA

Type of periodical: Monographies

Publication types: Printed edition

Publication date: 2022

Authors: В.О. Артемчук, І.П. Каменева, Ю.О. Кириленко та ін.

Summary: The monograph is devoted to mathematical and software means of assessing air pollution and radiation exposure to personnel and the population of adjacent territories as a result of an emergency situation associated with the spillage of radioactive liquids in the premises of a radiation-hazardous facility or other enterprises and organizations at which there is a risk of such dangerous events.

Reading audience: The monograph is designed for specialists dealing with radiation safety and civil protection of critical infrastructure, and it can also be useful for students and graduate students.

ISBN 978-617-8184-94-0

Responsible institutions: SI "The Institute of Environmental Geochemistry of NAS of Ukraine"

Published: Kyiv

Other institutions: G.E. Pukhov Institute for Modelling in Energy Engineering of NAS of Ukraine

Size in pages: 178

Print run: 150